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Visit 1DerLand via HyperGrid

1DerLand is currently in Beta Testing. If you don’t mind some glitches, in exchange for some free land and giving us feedback, then we are accepting new user applications. Read on…

If you would like to forgo Beta Testing, you may access 1DerLand via the Hypergrid.

HyperGrid Address:

If you’re new to OpenSim, please follow these directions:

  • Create a new user account through OsGrid
  • Download a viewer: Firestorm or Singularity (the SL viewer will not work)
  • Once you’re logged into OSgrid, follow the Hypergrid directions below.

How to HyperGrid

After creating an OSgrid account, you will be thrusted into Lbsa Lbsa Plaza. OSgrid’s welcome center.

OSgrid Lbsa Lbsa plaza snapshot for hypergrid access to 1DerLand - Wonderland grid

Pull up your “World Map”. (We are using Firestorm viewer for an example.) At the top of your viewer, click “World” then “World Map”.

Go to the “Find on Map” section, next to the “Find” button.

There, you will enter the hypergrid address:

then Click the “find” button. Once the map reloads the location, click the “Teleport” button.